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Here We Go!

I’ve finally decided to start this blog! From here on out, this will be a place where I can share my new challenges and experiences as my family and I make a drastic lifestyle change. What change might that be? Converting to a traditional, whole foods diet. With the resources of 28 real food blogs on my Google Reader, my copy of Nourishing Traditions, and the guidance of the Weston A Price foundation (, I’m ready to continue this journey!

This change has been a long time in the making. It all started when I purchased Eat This, Not That! almost a year ago. It really helped me evolve from a clueless consumer to a label-reading novice. I was becoming more aware of what ingredients were in the foods I was purchasing, and why those ingredients were or were not healthy. The next big thing was when I caught an airing of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Jamie calls for whole, natural, local foods for the children at the elementary school and it made total sense! The children should be fed nutritious meals! The third thing that pushed me in this direction was the movie Food, Inc. After watching that movie, I felt totally jaded about the food industry. I felt disgusted, confused and hopeless. I stopped buying beef and chicken, overwhelmed by the hassle of finding food that was raised properly but still within a reasonable budget. The only meat we really ate was (farmed) Atlantic salmon that I bought frozen at Costco. That and lunchmeat. Two things that are less than ideal for consumption.

Then sometime a few months ago my family and I went shopping at Barnes and Noble. I went to the cookbook section to browse. I really like to look at cookbooks, which I find strange since I don’t really enjoy cooking. Maybe I just knew there was something better out there, just waiting to be discovered! Around the corner from the cookbooks, I found some health and nutrition books. I was torn between two books: Real Food: What to Eat and Why and The Unhealthy Truth. I ended up purchasing Real Food, and thus began my journey. The book introduced me to the benefits of real food: healthy fats, raw dairy, organic produce, etc. and also to the Weston A Price foundation. It was the starting vessel that made it seem like this was a life change that I could make… it wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it was!

I’ve thought about starting this blog for a long time. Since the idea popped into my head I’ve found so many real food blogs that I didn’t feel the need to start my own. Why should I spend my time blogging about what’s already been said? But I’ve decided I might as well jump in and enjoy the networking. I’m planning on going to the Wise Traditions conference next year, and by that time hopefully I’ll have a lot of people to look forward to meeting!